ELKE MAGAZINE : Luka and Evie

by Tess Willcox

I recently lent some Soul Decks out to the insanely talented team from Elke Magazine for a Little Valentines shoot. Jenna managed to capture the pure essence of freedom and soul that comes with being innocent and young. These shots serve as a constant reminder to us all that age should not determine your zest for life!! Get out there and live it x 

CLOTHING | Fabrikkeborn (boy) , Tutu Du Monde (girl), Dragonfly Store

ACCESSORIES | Los Scout (necklaces), Ames Collective (skateboards / Soul Decks)


GOT SOUL : Yes Sir

by Tess Willcox

Every now and then you stumble across people who just 'get' what you're about. They understand the ethos behind what you do, what makes your soul sing, what keeps you moving at 2am when you are knee deep in timber and lacquer (besides the whiskey 'night cap' that has become a nightly friend.)

S O U L! It's all about the Soul, Baby! 

It's the rhyme to your reason, the cheese to your cracker, the jumpstart to your 1969 kombi. Soul is the motivation in the drivers seat behind what I do here at ámes, so you can imagine how stoked I was to stumble across GOT SOUL. 

Luke Macleod (founder) describes Got Soul as 'a place that collates, shares and supports individuals and businesses with a conscience that are using their creativity to create quality alternatives to the mass produced goods we are constantly surrounded by. It encourages others to think more about the effect our everyday decisions have on the future of our world and to become a source you can trust to easily find genuine quality alternatives that are dedicated to making a positive difference.' Touche my friend, Touche! 

The Got Soul Team recently featured some of my aptly named Soul Decks in a shoot that embodies the celebration of the simple things in life. Sharing a coffee with someone special, going for a stroll down by the beach or simply chillin' out, taking in the last shimmer of the summer sunlight. 

Babe town models Nick and Hayley sure made the decks look sharp!! 

If you want to jump onboard the soul train and learn about the companies you should be supporting, I suggest you hit up Got Soul and start following their Instagram and Facebook

(photography by Myles Pritchard)

THIS ISLAND LIFE : It's Always Summer when We're Together

by Tess Willcox

"Summer is so much more than just bikinis, boardies and the beach. It’s a state of mind, a way of life. It’s that feeling you get when you wake up to the sound of the ocean on a perfect summer’s day. It’s the warm sun on your face, the wet sand between your toes and that good mood you just can’t shake."

The above statement is what you are presented with when you hit the ABOUT tab on This Island Life. What you aren't told, is that Laura McWhinnie - founder and captain writer of This Island Life - absolutely oozes the Summer vibes she presents so beautifully on her website. Laura doesn't just write about Summer, follow Summer, hang for Summer .... this girl is PURE Summer! From the Turquoise hues that dust her apartment, to the Palm Trees she decorates her life with, Laura is one of the raddest humans to have crossed my path (a sun lit, sand splattered, crystal clear lagoon, coconut laden path).

I recently took a trip down to the golden sands of Sydney's Eastern Beaches to shoot with Laura, and this is a little sneak peak of what we got! Check out This Island Life's haunts below;

Be constantly inspired with Summery snapshots and rad posts about cool shit on This Island Life's Facebook and Instagram.

Get the kick in the ass you need to quit that job o' yours and travel the world via This Island Life Travel Section. 

See some killer vid skills via the This Island Life Youtube Channel.



ONEILL WOMENS : with Erica Lee Craig

by Tess Willcox

I damn love this girl. Canadian Soul Sister, Erica Lee Craig is a Creative Director, Travelographer, 1977 Aircooled Freedom Rider and O'Neill Women's Ambassador. Recently we crafted a custom 'Kombi Cruiser' Soul deck to accompany Erica on one of her epic road trips across BC for Oneill Womens. 

You can check more of this radness out over on the ONEILL blog and keep your eyes peeled on our Soul Slidersection where Erica will be making a HUGE cameo shortly, and FINALLY, immerse your soul in Erica's blog of rad-ness Aloha da Mainland.


FIRST BASE : Joining the Girl Gang

by Tess Willcox

*SINCE we did this awesome little collab, we have shot our new range decked out in FIRST BASE gear!!! Have a look at the new shots HERE featuring range 3! 

My first phone call with Ali from First Base was kind of like coming home to fluffy banana pancakes. She's the kind of gal who makes you feel like you've been best friends for 15 years. She is just a whole freakin' tote bag FULL of good times, good vibes and unwavering support. 

Our brands are synonymous. We both want to reach out to the chicks who love basics. Everything about First Base epitomises Ali and the team of epicness who work with her in head office - full of charm, personality and a shit load of style. 

I linked up with the rad team at First Base for this collab, to bring all things basic to the skate chick. Grab your chucks, your First Base loot, your Soul Deck, and go surf the earth. 

You can shop the First Base Decks in our store. 

Check out our Launch and Collab interviews with Ali and the First Base gang.

Shop their RAD RANGE.

Photos and film by the legendary Jody Pachniuk 

RHYTHM LIVIN : Take it Easy

by Tess Willcox

Tee's and hats. That's about where it's at for me. I can scan the shelves of many a boutique, but when my fingers brush against that statement tee, by George, it's mine. Queue Rhythm Livin' and their rad new range of gals gear. 

I have teamed up with an awesome crew to be a part of the Creative girls gang promoting Rhythm Livin' with my sistas Lex Weinstein and Carly Brown (CAUTION : don't visit either of these sites unless you want to be dragged away into a mystical mermaid wonderland of beauty ie. do yourself a favour and become acquainted with these girls, STAT). 

A few impromptu photo shoots with my legendary photographer friend, Ash Kelleher, and we have a little snippet of the Rhythm Livin' lifestyle. Those warm summer days sliding along glassy waves, and the crisp afternoons gliding along abandoned Byron streets at Sunset. All in the perfect gear designed for that hipster gal. 

It's all about that Rhythm. The rhythm of the rolling waves, the rhythm of those Bob Marley beats, the Rhythm of that carve on your soul deck. We're all Rhythm people somehow - it's the sound of change that you just need to find. 

All of these killer products are online at the Rhythm Store and you can follow the sound of change across their social media handles; 

@Rhythmgirls and Rhythm Girls

@Rhythmlivin and Rhythm 


PHOTOGRAPHY : Ash Kelleher 

MODEL and Stylist : Tess Willcox 

PRODUCTS : Rhythm felt hats (customised by stylist), Tee's, Skirts, Jumper, Beanie

LOCATION : Belongil and Currumbin