FIRST BASE : Joining the Girl Gang

by Tess Willcox

*SINCE we did this awesome little collab, we have shot our new range decked out in FIRST BASE gear!!! Have a look at the new shots HERE featuring range 3! 

My first phone call with Ali from First Base was kind of like coming home to fluffy banana pancakes. She's the kind of gal who makes you feel like you've been best friends for 15 years. She is just a whole freakin' tote bag FULL of good times, good vibes and unwavering support. 

Our brands are synonymous. We both want to reach out to the chicks who love basics. Everything about First Base epitomises Ali and the team of epicness who work with her in head office - full of charm, personality and a shit load of style. 

I linked up with the rad team at First Base for this collab, to bring all things basic to the skate chick. Grab your chucks, your First Base loot, your Soul Deck, and go surf the earth. 

You can shop the First Base Decks in our store. 

Check out our Launch and Collab interviews with Ali and the First Base gang.

Shop their RAD RANGE.

Photos and film by the legendary Jody Pachniuk