GOT SOUL : Yes Sir

by Tess Willcox

Every now and then you stumble across people who just 'get' what you're about. They understand the ethos behind what you do, what makes your soul sing, what keeps you moving at 2am when you are knee deep in timber and lacquer (besides the whiskey 'night cap' that has become a nightly friend.)

S O U L! It's all about the Soul, Baby! 

It's the rhyme to your reason, the cheese to your cracker, the jumpstart to your 1969 kombi. Soul is the motivation in the drivers seat behind what I do here at ámes, so you can imagine how stoked I was to stumble across GOT SOUL. 

Luke Macleod (founder) describes Got Soul as 'a place that collates, shares and supports individuals and businesses with a conscience that are using their creativity to create quality alternatives to the mass produced goods we are constantly surrounded by. It encourages others to think more about the effect our everyday decisions have on the future of our world and to become a source you can trust to easily find genuine quality alternatives that are dedicated to making a positive difference.' Touche my friend, Touche! 

The Got Soul Team recently featured some of my aptly named Soul Decks in a shoot that embodies the celebration of the simple things in life. Sharing a coffee with someone special, going for a stroll down by the beach or simply chillin' out, taking in the last shimmer of the summer sunlight. 

Babe town models Nick and Hayley sure made the decks look sharp!! 

If you want to jump onboard the soul train and learn about the companies you should be supporting, I suggest you hit up Got Soul and start following their Instagram and Facebook

(photography by Myles Pritchard)