RHYTHM LIVIN : Take it Easy

by Tess Willcox

Tee's and hats. That's about where it's at for me. I can scan the shelves of many a boutique, but when my fingers brush against that statement tee, by George, it's mine. Queue Rhythm Livin' and their rad new range of gals gear. 

I have teamed up with an awesome crew to be a part of the Creative girls gang promoting Rhythm Livin' with my sistas Lex Weinstein and Carly Brown (CAUTION : don't visit either of these sites unless you want to be dragged away into a mystical mermaid wonderland of beauty ie. do yourself a favour and become acquainted with these girls, STAT). 

A few impromptu photo shoots with my legendary photographer friend, Ash Kelleher, and we have a little snippet of the Rhythm Livin' lifestyle. Those warm summer days sliding along glassy waves, and the crisp afternoons gliding along abandoned Byron streets at Sunset. All in the perfect gear designed for that hipster gal. 

It's all about that Rhythm. The rhythm of the rolling waves, the rhythm of those Bob Marley beats, the Rhythm of that carve on your soul deck. We're all Rhythm people somehow - it's the sound of change that you just need to find. 

All of these killer products are online at the Rhythm Store and you can follow the sound of change across their social media handles; 

@Rhythmgirls and Rhythm Girls

@Rhythmlivin and Rhythm 


PHOTOGRAPHY : Ash Kelleher 

MODEL and Stylist : Tess Willcox 

PRODUCTS : Rhythm felt hats (customised by stylist), Tee's, Skirts, Jumper, Beanie

LOCATION : Belongil and Currumbin