THIS ISLAND LIFE : It's Always Summer when We're Together

by Tess Willcox

"Summer is so much more than just bikinis, boardies and the beach. It’s a state of mind, a way of life. It’s that feeling you get when you wake up to the sound of the ocean on a perfect summer’s day. It’s the warm sun on your face, the wet sand between your toes and that good mood you just can’t shake."

The above statement is what you are presented with when you hit the ABOUT tab on This Island Life. What you aren't told, is that Laura McWhinnie - founder and captain writer of This Island Life - absolutely oozes the Summer vibes she presents so beautifully on her website. Laura doesn't just write about Summer, follow Summer, hang for Summer .... this girl is PURE Summer! From the Turquoise hues that dust her apartment, to the Palm Trees she decorates her life with, Laura is one of the raddest humans to have crossed my path (a sun lit, sand splattered, crystal clear lagoon, coconut laden path).

I recently took a trip down to the golden sands of Sydney's Eastern Beaches to shoot with Laura, and this is a little sneak peak of what we got! Check out This Island Life's haunts below;

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