Embrace the glorious mess that you are. 

You were born with the ability to roam, to wander, to jump. 

Life will offer you serendipitous moments to 


Find the journey that turns pain into poetry, friendship into love, dark into light

We just want to drink wine. skate. laugh. love. surf. 

Whatever you do, just fucking rule at it. Be a NOMAD!!

nomad 16.jpg
nomad 6.jpg
nomad 40.jpg
nomad 1.jpg
nomad 72.jpg
nomad 101.jpg

Clothing : First Base

Hats : Lack Of Color 

Skateboards : Ámes Collective

Photographer : David Willcox

'Model' / Skater : Tess Willcox - Creative Director / Founder Ámes Collective