SOUL SLIDER #6 - Lady Slider, Life Ridahhh. She's our JJ!

by Tess Willcox

We call her JJ, or Jessie Jane! She is one half of the magnificent duo, Jess and Muzz, interior design extraordinaire, DIY GURU, enigmatic lady slider, gentle soul. If you have ever spent your days cruising around the white sands of Currumbin, you have more than likely seen JJ. She is that blonde beauty, board under arm, beer in hand, friends in tow, with a smile that rivals the sparkle of the sun. Jess is our little beach bum, and I am lucky enough to call her one of my closest friends. No one dares go vintage shopping with this little ray of sunshine, because she will without a doubt pick every single item with any kind of style, within 10 minutes. She runs the raddest of DIY and style blogs, slides along the glassy waves with effortless grandeur, and kicks off the back with her signature smile. Cruises along the pavement on her sunflower soul deck, with a steed that all would covet. She brightens up each and every morning with her giggle on our walks, and has created the most RIDIC of abodes with her partner Muzz. One of the most gentle and kind souls I have had the pleasure of being blessed with in my life. Jess is the epitome of soul, wanderlust, kindness and warmth. The ultimate Soul Slider, babin' life ridahhhh! Introducing Jessica Jane Terrell (@jesssicajane) ; 

JJ and her custom Longboard x 

JJ and her custom Longboard x 

Who are you, and what is it that keeps your soul alive?

My name is Jessica Jane. I'm a twenty-something Interior Design student and avid water baby from the Gold Coast. Growing up in the beachside town of Currumbin, I spent most of my time at the beach and in the ocean. Hopping on my bike, board under arm, I would peddle my way to the beach every day. Heck, those were the days! Surfing is still one of my rituals and something that keeps me centered and makes me extremely happy to be alive! I love that I share the same passion for the ocean with my close family and friends.

I know your life rules, because I get to be a big part of it!! For everyone reading who doesn’t get to spend their days with you, can you tell us what your perfect day would look like? 

My perfect day begins when the sun is rising with an early walk along the beach followed by a coffee from my local with the girls. Packing my basket of beach worthy goodies, I grab my board and umbrella and walk over the dunes to the beach to spend the majority of the day there. I would spend my afternoon treasure hunting and getting crafty in my studio and to top it all off, enjoying the dusk atmosphere, sipping on a cold cider in the dunes with my boy. That sounds pretty damn perfect to me… 

Describe your sunrise and sunset routines for us…

I like to wake up early and walk along the beach to enjoy the sunrise. It’s such a beautiful part of the day, but I am particularly partial to the setting sun as well. Muz and I spent a good part of last year travelling abroad and each day we made a special trip down to the ocean to watch the sun set over the water, sipping on a cold beer and enjoying the breathtaking colour display. The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me. 

There was one memorable moment we experienced while travelling through Morocco that I will never forget…sitting on the rocks in Taghouzout, we watched the sun setting over the water and behind us the full moon rose up over the mountains. It was such an incredible display!

What is your favourite drink combo. We both know I love a good red wine or Sailor Jerry’s and coconut water..... What would you drink if we were sitting at your place? 

Homemade Sangria with fresh orange slices... YUM!

Walking into your and Muz’s home, to me, is like stepping foot in an issue of Vogue crossed with retro throwbacks crossed with beautiful homemade pieces and a dash of bohemian. What is the inspiration for your home, and how would you describe it?

Our little retro beachside home is an eclectic mix of everything we love, old and new and each item tells a special story of whom it belonged to or where it came from. I'm a collector and slightly obsessed with retro items and antiques. I spend A LOT of my spare time scouring local op shops and second hand stores for treasures that fill our home. Things are constantly changing in our little abode with each and every crazy idea I have. Muz and the cats have since learnt to accept change, haha. 

The home of Jess and Muzz. One of my favourite places to watch Hamish and Andy, and drink Sangria. 

The home of Jess and Muzz. One of my favourite places to watch Hamish and Andy, and drink Sangria. 

You are currently studying interior design, and ROCKING at it. Where do you want to go with your studies, and have you always wanted to do this?

It has always been a passion of mine albeit I never really had the courage to step outside my comfort zone. Growing up in a creatively inclined family we were always drawing, building and making all sorts of crafty things. I’m still constantly making and creating and I wanted to incorporate this passion into my work life…. So to get the ball rolling, I changed my work habits, enrolled in Design School and I couldn't be happier! My future plans involve changing my career path and working towards building a successful business of my own!

We’ve already worked on your perfect Longboard Soul Deck together, if you were to get a second one, what would it entail? 

I envisage wildly bright colours, captivating patterns and rhythmic words…

What is your favourite colour combo, and how does it make you feel? 

The Sun and the Ocean…..I can't go past the vibrant warmth, excitement and enthusiasm that orange (the sun) provides, complimented by calm blue tones (the ocean), together these colours are the perfect match. 


Tell us about your ideal combo of senses (sight, smell, sound, touch, taste)…

Sight and Touch.... for me, learning and taking things in invokes tactile and visual stimulants. I have to touch everything that interests me and my creative mind is always stimulated visually by sight.

What does it mean to you to live a life of soul? Ie. Is there something that drives you to live each day to the fullest, inspire people, live that sensational vagabond life??

Be true to yourself and always do what makes you happy. Follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they might seem and never let anything or anyone stop you from being yourself! I try to remind myself of this everyday. Travelling taught me a lot about myself and encouraged me to look at everything with a different perspective and to appreciate all that I have!

Lastly, what does being a Soul Slider mean to you?

Riding your wave of life with vivacious energy and passion.

JJ x

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