SOUL SLIDER #2 - Sarah 'Bubbles' O'brien

by Tess Willcox


Bubbles!!!! Have you ever met someone, heard their nickname, and thought to yourself, 'Yep! You embody every single thing about that word!'? 

With Sarah 'Bubbles' O'brien, I felt exactly that. We met one fateful night, through a guy, and had no idea of the lifelong friendship we would form. Sarah is a rad cat. A quintessential summer sista who possesses this effervescence that most would dream of. With the purest of smiles and kindest of hearts, she embodies the Soul Slider way in effortless grandeur.

Sarah understands living that life o' soul. She is the first out in the line up, and the one rocking the fluro-est of gear at our Fluro Friday jaunts. Sunrise worshipper, Sunset catcher, all with that killer smile and a glass of bubbles in her hand. 

I designed a special custom whip for her (Soul Deck #18 to be precise) and months later she presented me with a beautiful blank surfboard to go nuts on. I had an absolute blast scribbling pink nonsense and whimsical palm trees on that sled. Introducing you, to Sarah O'brien. Soul Slider, Sun Lover, Babe, Killer life rider and lifelong friend o' mine. 

Name: Sarah OBrien

What made you purchase a Soul Deck: As a massive fan of Tess and her Soul Decks I was following Ames_Collective Instagram and saw a photo which was the deciding factor that I need one in my life... Not only did I picture myself skating down to Burleigh Point; watching the waves and taking the exact same photo! The quote "My heart lies with the snow : My spirit with nature : My soul with the sea" captured me instantly.

Did you get a custom, or just fall in love with a pre-made Soul Deck? I never thought when I ordered my Custom Soul Deck that it would come out the way it did, and that I could fall in love with a Skateboard. It still amazes me and I cannot say it enough how talented Miss Tess is. I text her and said, I love pink and the quote on "that instagram photo" can you make me a skatey? The result was absolute perfection... nothing less.

Describe your sunrise and sunset routines for us...: My alarm goes before the sunrises, I throw on a Billabong Surf Capsule and run to my local point & paddle out at first light for a surf no matter what. On my JS which Tess actually sprayed for me :P Every time I am on a wave and I see the pink nose (that matches my skatey) it makes me smile even more. I love early mornings; when it feels like everyone is still fast asleep and you're capturing the sunrise from the best seat in the house & in that moment all your worries and problems dissapear... I love it. Sadly I don't have a sunset routine, because it depends what time I finish work and if I go to the gym, that usually takes me into the night... but if I could I would shred my Soul Deck up the Burleigh Esplande, the shadows at that time through the trees are really really cool... then sit on North Burleigh Hill... with a glass of bubbles!

What does your Soul Deck mean to you? Does it wash away your daily stresses, is it a piece of art looking rad on your wall, or do you shred it on the street!! : I definitely take my soul deck for a spin every now and then but it also sits admired in my bedroom by all. I love it because it captures an essence of me in the simplest most raddest form...

What is your favourite drink combo. Mine is sailor Jerry's and Coconut Water, FYI. Go! : Ohhhhh i LOVE bubbles... bubbles bubbles bubbles. Drink combo would have to be likewise my friend Sailor Jerry's but mix it with Gingerbeer... YUM!

What would you say the style of your abode is? Beach chic, Boho eclectic, a shit tonne of organised chaos, or something a bit more descriptive? : I live in an apartment which came furnished so sadly I do not yet have my ideal abode... living over here as an English chick it's hard to be able to happily settle and purchase home-wears when I never know how much longer I have... but if I were to style a place right now it would be Beach Chick with a hint of Pink (and any other bright colours!) I love white furniture, distressed ocean washed wood and shells, you can never have enough shells. This would be mixed in with bright pink cushions of course.

How were you introduced to skating? Tell us your story...: When I was at Uni back in the UK I lived with 4 boys who all surfed and skateboarded to uni and I remember thinking they were soooo cool. None of the girls I grew up with skateboarded and it was quite a boyish thing to do, so while I always wanted to skate I never really did... Until I moved to Australia and saw the coolest raddest most gorgeous chicks skating around so elegantly. I bought a board and that was that... rolling everywhere. Even more so now with my custom skatey.

What is your favourite colour combo?: Pink, pink and more pink.

Tell us about your ideal combo of senses (sight, smell, sound, touch, taste)...: Sight and Sound. The feeling I get when I see snowy mountain tops in New Zealand and The Alps, the excitement of knowing I will be standing on top of the world above the clouds carving up the snow... the sound of a powder turn, the chairlifts and the apres music in the bars :P The sound of waves crashing on the ocean bed, it actually sends me to sleep at night and the sight of a set coming in the lineup gives me goosebumps. Hearing the water spray over the top and seeing it peal into what feels like the best wave of your life... ahh its just amazing.

Lastly, what does being a Soul Slider mean to you?: Bringing feminine beauty to male dominated sports, by never letting anything or anyone get in the way of doing what you want to do. As you say so rightly "live the life you dream of living." x