SOUL SLIDER #3 - Zac Miguel

by Tess Willcox

Z A C. Be still my beating heart! A true nomadic wanderer in the purest sense, reminiscent of Johnny Depp crossed with Lords of Dogtown no less. He plays music, travels to some of the most spiritually deep treasure troves around the globe, and takes a damn fine photo. Without even meeting Zac, you can tell he has that pizazz. His spirit escapes the photo when you stare at it. He knows how to make a vibe come alive, and involve you in his life. He embodies that effervescent coolness, style, and can slide his way around the streets on a vintage deck. 

I decided I would either need to marry him, or feature him as the first prolific dude Soul Slider. I opted for the latter, and you are WELCOME!! 



1. Who are you, and what is it that keeps your soul alive?
Hmm...well firstly my name is Zac and I guess I feel like I've grown into the person I want to be. I would have to say that living simply keeps my soul alive, and all that comes with it- the experience, inspiration, the ocean, music, art, travel, and all that jazz.  

2. Your life looks pretty damn rad!! If you could perfectly design your day, what would it look like?

Haha thanks! My idea of a perfect day would be trekking through a forest, full of life to discover a perfect beach with some perfect waves to share with some loved ones, accompanied with some instruments and finish off with some wine and a fire on the sand, cuddled up watching the stars do their thing. That would be pretty damn perfect!

3. You embody everything I love about that vagabond spirit. Along your travels, which place has been your favourite and comes with the most meaning to you?

Ahh shucks :)- Ooo it's hard to pick a favourite that's for sure, they all have different qualities and culture and experience within each and every one of them, right now I think perhaps India. The place rocked my world from day one, the scents, colours  and vibration was out of this world. I no longer felt a western influence.

4. What is your favourite campfire story to tell of your travels?
Haha well I was chased on horseback by  horse bandits in the Gobi desert in Mongolia- eventuating in spending the night in the mountains. upon finding a ger (Mongolian yurt) the following day, I had to eat a rather awful, boiled organ of a sheep (best not to say haha) a nomadic tradition of Mongolian people...that's probably the standout haha!

5. What would you say the style of your abode is? Beach chic, Boho eclectic, a shit tonne of organised chaos, or something a bit more descriptive?

Probably a mixture of boho eclectic and organised chaos for sure, with a hint of a bush gentleman. (Authors note : Bush gentleman, SWOON)


6. If I was to say to you, design your PERFECT Soul Deck... What would it involve?

My perfect soul deck would have to be inspired by the 60s and 70s, likely something from dogtown. Manoeuvrable, fast, smooth and finished off with a little bohemian loving.

8. Tell us about your ideal combo of senses (sight, smell, sound, touch, taste)...

Haha wow! good question- I think touch, sight and sound. I like to feel the vibration in everything and what's more beautiful then seeing the world around us and hearing the sounds it creates.

9. What does it mean to you to live a life of soul? Ie. Is there something that drives you to live each day to the fullest, inspire people, live that sensational vagabond life??

To live a life of soul, it's the ultimate freedom one can achieve in this busy society that we live. it's there for everyone, all one has to do is just reach out and grab it, and most of all...hold on. I feel extremely blessed to be able to do the things I can do, without loving support from loved ones and inspiration from interesting characters, it would be proven a little more difficult. If you have a goal,do all you can to achieve it. Make your own path, and leave a trail.

10. What is that you do for work, and would you have it any other way if someone said you could do WHATEVER you wanted??

I teach music for work when I'm home, we teach a range of world instruments as well as the classics. It's pretty close to being the perfect job, we have the privilege of doing what we want when it comes to our approach, so it's really rad!

11. Lastly, what does being a Soul Slider mean to you?

Being a soul slider to me is like, if you can imagine yourself cruising down a newly sealed hill that leads to your destination, there are some obstacles on the road, and other people sharing that same hill, some get caught up at the obstacles, they stop or they fall off, they become attached. where a soul slider can smile, arch their back and cruise past, carving with style, looking to the horizon and when the time has come, reach their desired destination. Thank you for taking interest in my world :)

You can follow Zac and his incredibly, aesthetically pleasing journey through life on Instagram