SOUL SLIDER #10 - Morgan 'Women in the Wild' Brechler

by Tess Willcox


Not a lot of people I come across in life, leave me speechless (my best friends can attest to my inadvertence to stop speaking. What can I say, I bloody love to talk. I love language, I love communicating, I love expression, I love..... stop). There are a select few enigmatic souls, who quite literally have left me devoid in description of their epic-ness. 

Those of you who have followed my journey, know that I am a girl of the trees. Hell I live in a treehouse in the Eco-Village! Salt running through my veins, natures own elixir 'gum sap' igniting my soul. My best friend and I used to have a specific cry call to each other from the backyard creek to the house, using a gum nut. Rarely does a weekend go by that I am not on some kind of adventure through the bush, in the trees, hunting down mother natures' best work for me to marvel at, and drink an aptly aided red wine in front of. 

You can imagine how EXCITED I get when I inadvertently discover other 'women of the wild'. Whether near or far, we all share a kinship. An absolutely all encapsulating FROTH for the green stuff  that warrants unforgivable hash tagging #natureporn #womeninthewild. A heart wide open, soul busting at the seams, energetic levels vibrating at such a frequency that wild dogs and dingos are losing their shit, kinda' excitement. 

There is this group of women who exist in the world, who get me. They fill their tank up in nature, are effortlessly beautiful (like this is what azure style and grace is defined by), sink their poison of choice in the most epic of surroundings, and are unapologetically daughters of the earth. 

Morgan. As if she stumbled out of a polerstuff #campvibes catalogue and just oozed awesomeness, with the cutest bebe known to nature kind in tow, 'Hadlie', is a harbinger of connection. Conduit for the passionate living network, intentionally paving the way for consciousness and appreciation of the wild, lover of burritos (OBVS!) and permaculture student. Arizona based, but as free to wander this beautiful expanse of earth with her #squadgoals pack as she pleases.

She climbs the shit out of rock formations, camps amongst her natural Arizonian habitat, takes her protege Hadlie along for the ride, chases waterfalls and takes a god damn killer photo. 

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to, Morgan 'Women in the Wild' Brechler;   


1. Who are you, and what is it that keeps your soul alive?

I’m just a regular gal who picks her nose, eats too much chocolate and has insane amounts of passion for the outdoors and veggies. Some how lucky enough to be the mom of the raddest little mini, Hadlie. All of the above keeps my soul alive. Minus the nose picking. Add hot sauce.

2. Your life looks pretty amazingly connected and beautiful! If you could perfectly design your day, what would it look like?

Well first of all it would have WAY more hours in it than 24. So with that being said, if I had more hours. I would have the slowest morning; waking up in our roof top tent in the pine trees with my family, BIG breakfast feast around an early morning campfire. Lots of giggles from Hadlie. Horses would be at camp with us, and we would spend the whole day riding to all of our climbs. Because of course in a perfect day there has to be lots of rock climbing. We would finish the day up with the most insane sunset and a disgusting amount of s’mores: )

3. Give us the down low on the BORN WILD film and the inspiration behind it.

I am feeling so damn lucky to be apart of this film with Shannon, who has been a crush of mine since the beginning of my gramming days. And Brooke, who is just as equally as bad ass and of course our leader and director Aly, this film would not be possible without her. 

We're to explore the topics of adventure, risk and motherhood. For me, most importantly is finding adventure while balancing a busy life with school and working full time. We want to celebrate and inspire women and men, with children or without, to follow their dreams passionately. We are to begin shooting next month and the film is to be released in 2016.

I mean ......

I mean ......

4. What is the best piece of advice you have been given in life, and what piece of advice do you consistently pass on to your girl?


5. What would you say the style of your abode is? Beach chic, Boho eclectic, a shit tonne of organised chaos?

Its like, boho hobo haven’t showered in a few days, but damn girl how you look so cute and where the hell did you get that outfit, I want it. But seriously, for the most part I don’t brush my hair, I never wear make up and my closet is a mess. I am really surprised at the outfits I put together and make work sometimes. :P

6. If I was to say to you, design your PERFECT Soul Deck (skateboard)... What would it involve?

I’m really struggling with this one – Totally, majorly torn. Do I design something super ridiculously awesome like a crazy, hilarious saying OR a burrito, yeah that would be good. Just a big ol’ burrito board.. OR ok, some thing real chill – desert colors, cactus, Arizona vibes. Hm, looks like I am going to need more than one deck! Lol. (Eds Note : Don't forget to check the post, girl)

7. Tell us about your ideal combo of senses (what would you like to be looking at, tasting, smelling, feeling and hearing all at the same time)

Oh geez, this has my brain on overload. I’ll keep it short on this one as I feel as though I could get easily lost in the dreaming up of this one.

I would be looking at a campfire and lots of teeth on familiar, smiling faces, tasting a cold hoppy beer, smelling a combination of roasting marshmallow’s and open air, hearing the chatter and laughter amongst my closest friends and family, and feeling so much love that my heart may just be close to exploding. 



8. What does it mean to you to live a life of soul? Is there something that drives you to live each day to the fullest, inspire people, live that sensational vagabond life??

To live a life of soul is to be able to escape the everyday grind to chase down passion and adventure. To surround your self with uplifting, inspiring people (shout out to my squad!) Finding what your deepest passions are, holding onto those passions and sharing them with the world. Happiness drives me, it’s as simple as that. Nothing is as complicated as it seems. Go with the flow and stuff.

9. If you could have Sunday breakfast in bed (romantic or platonic) with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Hadlie and my man. How about we add at least five puppies into this bed as well. There’s no other way I would have it. I’ll breakfast in bed with them over anyone, any day, anywhere. Although, Hadlie NEVER shares her pancakes with me. But who needs pancakes when you have puppies to cuddle.

10. Lastly, what does being a Soul Slider mean to you?

Being a Soul Slider to me means, living a life that is calm but crazy. Finding the balance in which life is an utter chaos of passion, adventure and inspiration - but at the same time within the chaos, having a sense of tranquillity and stillness to be able to take it all in and appreciate each moment for exactly what it is.