SOUL SLIDER #9 - Sally 'Mustang' Botham

by Tess Willcox

She is Yogi.

She is art.

She is sea.

She is ethereal. 

She is Sally 'Mustang' Botham. Yoga Teacher. Artist. Sea Lover. Vagabond Spirit. She is in essence,  her pseudonym ; as epic as a Mustang. Words don't do her justice, so revel in the imagery and musings of one Sally Botham. 

Follow Sally's journey on  Instagram and via her kick ass website. 

1. Who are you, and what is it that keeps your soul alive?
Who am I, I guess I'm still figuring that out ha. At the moment I am a lover to my partner Adam, a mother to my puppy dog Luna, and a yoga teacher to a town called Forster.

2. Your life looks pretty amazingly connected and beautiful! If you could perfectly design your day, what would it look like?
My days are almost always perfect. I don't so much lust over a better day or even know what a perfect day involves, but just make the most of the moment I have right now.

3. Give us the down low on SALLY MUSTANG and the inspiration behind it.
Sallymustang is me. My life. It's a daily insight into the adventures, dreams and the love that fills my life. I live by the sea, and I am obsessed with the Sun :)

4. What is the best piece of advice you have been given in life?
Happiness is a choice.

5. What would you say the style of your abode is? Beach chic, Boho eclectic, a shit tonne of organised chaos?
Hehehe unorganised chaos

6. If I was to say to you, design your PERFECT Soul Deck... What would it involve?
My perfect soul deck would involve hues of the ocean, maybe a stormy style wave backdrop

7. Tell us about your ideal combo of senses (what would you like to be looking at, tasting, smelling, feeling and hearing all at the same time)…
Looking at a view on top of a mountain, eating a spicy curry, and the smell of a campfire. Listening to fleet wood mac and a blanket around my shoulders.

8. What does it mean to you to live a life of soul? Is there something that drives you to live each day to the fullest, inspire people, live that sensational vagabond life??
Of course I am always finding inspiration, from family and friends to artists and teachers alike. I am so happy to be inspiring people around the globe to live in the moment and embrace a healthy lifestyle. I try to put my soul into everything I do and it's incredible to be able to share that.

9. If you could have Sunday breakfast in bed (romantic or platonic) with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Ha usually I would say Jack White, but today I'm really missing my best friend in Europe so I will have to say her : Jade

10. Lastly, what does being a Soul Slider mean to you? 

Being a soul slider to me is about having fun, hanging out with people who make you happy, and going on adventures.