The dreamers, the risk takers, the pavement slider and glassy wave rider


Soul Decks are 'slideable' art. A concept we hold very close to our hearts, as each 1970's inspired cruiser skateboard is a direct reflection of it's new owner; it's potential soul slider. 

Our Soul Decks are HAND SHAPED, HAND CRAFTED, HAND FINISHED and ASSEMBLED by us, with a bucket load of love. They are designed not only to brighten the streets, but to bring your walls to life as artwork. Each Soul Deck rolls as a reminder that every single person who follows ámes, is a professional day dreamer and a life rider. A lover of the sun, the surf, the street. An owner of permanently salty hair and a shaka, who leaves a trail of sand wherever they tread. That babe who has a permanent smile and a killer carve. The Earth Rider. The Soul Slider.

The ethos behind the brand, is one of living the 'simple life'. A life of balance, of simplicity, of beauty. We want to inspire people to live the life they dream of living, encourage them to take solace in every day rituals, remind them to do what makes their soul sing. Like your custom Soul Deck Hand Crafted Cruiser Skateboard. 


I wanted to create something for women (whether they skate or not) that looked awesome on the wall as art, or resonated with their soul when they looked down at their deck whilst skating. It’s about embracing BEAUTY and what makes each of us happy in life.
— Tess Willcox, Founder / Creative Director


Our Àmes Collective Soul Slider is the quintessential life rider. That person you know who is a master of giving no shits, and a jack (or jill) in the laughing trade. The pavement rider and glassy wave slider who pushes people beyond their comfort zone and reminds us all that 'this life is here for the livin'! They read Walt Whitman and love blush blooms. Soul Sliders revel in the beauty of life and refuse to live the way they are told to. They want to connect with life and throw themselves head first into every experience and emotion it has to offer.

The crew who need to surf the earth when they’re done with the day and have beautiful art lining the walls of their humble abodes. The absolute lovers, the life riders, the day dreamers. They get up at the crack of! They wander down the beach to do yoga or to surf. They might take a green tea and a rug to meditate. Hell they may even grab a coconut and head down to lay on the bare sand and laugh - because fuck it - you only live once.

All in all, YOU are a Soul Slider. Whether you embrace it or not, it is within you. This is a creative space to inspire you to find it, hug it and embrace the shit out of it.