Àmes Collective is a lifestyle collection for the lovers, the dreamers, the life riders and the soul sliders. Born out of a love of imperfection, and embracing the simplicity of life. We created a brand that was based around a love of the gypset lifestyle, intrepidly wandering the earth and cruising the sidewalks on something that resonates with the everyday gal's soul; a Soul Deck. Whether you are rolling along the pavement, riding the waves or strolling the cities, Ámes Collective is a hub for making sure you are always looking up and embracing life. SOUL DECKS are the boards, SOUL SLIDERS are the awesome cats who ride them.



Born in a messy Art House on the beach, on a balmy summers day, whilst eating mangoes, marvelling at palm trees and cruising the streets on our handmade boards. Our Ámes Collective Soul Sliders are professional day dreamers and life riders. Lovers of the sun, the surf, the street. The owners of permanently salty hair and a shaka who leave a trail of sand wherever they tread. That babe who has a permanent smile and a killer carve. Soul Sliders are, in essence Wabi Sabi – perfect in their imperfection. The past 2 years saw an era of change for the brand, and it's come back more stylish and sophisticated. 


The Àmes soul slider has evolved over time. She is older, more stylish. She is stronger, more raw. She is wilder, more elegant. We are a brand that embraces change, and that thrives on a pact with our planet. To protect, to educate, to give back. It is for that reason that our decks are not thrashed out in mass production, but hand carved per individual order. We want to limit waste, and to that effect your deck will not arrive at your doorstep emblazoned in custom made boxes protected by single use plastic. The Àmes Woman is educated, and prides herself on growth. She gets her hands dirty, she activates. She is a cruiser in the streets, and a badass in the books. She is opinionated but compassionate. Most importantly, she is committed to the protection of our planet. SHE MAKES WAVES. SHE ACTIVATES. SHE IS UNAPOLOGETICALLY HERSELF.